"Operating on the body, is like entering a cathedral, it is a sacred experience." 


Mark A Snyder MD

Julia Snyder DSS, LMT, MA has been in the health and wellness profession for the past twenty years.  Her entry was natural, inspired by her father.  He healed people's hearts with his hands.  He was a gifted heart-surgeon.  One day while out walking, he shared “Operating on the body, is like entering a cathedral.  It is a sacred experience.”  She could relate to his sentiment, since her athletic upbringing, had been a pathway into the Divine.  Inspired to walk in his legacy, Julia is the founder of MFR-LA.  It is honor for her to place her hands on people, inviting the sacred into the session.   It is her experience that myofascial release has the potential to return the body to the perfection of its essence, that of a cathedral.  

Her philosophy....

"I have had a GREAT time in my body, both as an athlete and as an artist.   I have been blessed; I spent nearly ten years touring all over the world apart of a two-person variety act which integrated acrobatic dance and artistic juggling!   As the show grew in success, it challenged me at new levels.   My knowledge of fitness, diet, mindset, stress reduction, and recovery all got called into question.  Fortunately, I was able to surround myself with a team of very talented people. I leaned so heavily into their teachings, that now it is my turn to share them with you!  

As this website reflects, I am fascinated with myofascial release, as taught by John F. Barnes.  Apart of my fascination has to do with how it triggers the body’s healing mechanism to unwind issues from inside your tissues. I consider this a welcomed discovery since I spent years resorting to talk-therapy or physical therapy, yet never felt completely freed of injuries (physical, mental or emotional).  Thanks to MFR, I am being taught how to clear issues for the last time, through therapeutic touch.  As a result of doing so,  I feel decades younger, more flexible, more energetic, freed of back pain and ready to be of service!  I have come back alive, releasing what feels like lifetimes of wear & tear.  My body thanks me!   I want your body to thank you, too. 

Come back alive with MFR! 

I have!"

My approach is Multi-Colored, Multi-Dimensional and Forever Multiplying:

*Licensed Massage Therapist - Washington, 2021. 

*Doctorate in Spiritual Science - Peace and Theology Seminary, 2020

* Myofascial Release Professional, Advanced Level - John Barnes  2015- present. 

* Hendrick's Institute Transformational Leader,  2018-present.  

* MA Spiritual Science, Peace and Theology Seminary, 2016.

* MA Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica,  2000.

* Certified Wellness Coach, 2006--present

* Certified Exercise & Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Chek In., 2006-2018.

*Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, L1, 2019.

* Certified ACSM Personal Trainer, 1998-present.

* Certified Power Yoga Instructor, 1998-present

*Varsity Track and Cross-Country Runner, University of Washington.