What's the big deal about fascia? 


MYO = muscle +   FASCIA = connective tissue. 

Sadly for hundreds of years, the fascia system has been under recognized.   Rather then studying it in depth, like the cardiovascular system, researchers merely pealed it away under the false assumption that it was just a covering or separating material.  Perhaps the lack of technological know-how prevented them from exploring how the fascia of a cadaver, might behave differently then the fascia of a living being?  


Gratefully, in 2005, a curious surgeon, Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau, changed all of this.   He used his advanced fiber-optic surgical tools, to peak inside living fascia.  Surprise!  It behaves much differently than previously assumed, launching the beginning of a gigantic paradigm shift.  As well as launching fascia into the headlines!.    

The videos below share the emerging knowledge, highlighting key pioneers in this field:  

Video 1:  John Harty PT, gives summary of John H Barnes approach, highlighting its crystalline nature. (5:20)

Video 2:  John H Barnes PT, explains what is happening at a cellular level during MFR session. (3:39)

Video 3:  Dana Sterling PT, creatively weaves together educational presentation on fascia. (11:57)

Video 4:  Ronelle Wood, author of Touching Light, adds commentary as Dr. Guimberteau takes a peak at living fascia.(14:56)

Video 5:  John H Barnes PT, gives scientific rational behind his technique.   (27:43)


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